How do you keep track of lots of reps of something? I’m curious, because I had quite a bit of trouble at first. My system isn’t perfect, but I think it has improved. My daughter and I came up with a house rule that if you lost track of your count, you had to go back to the last place where you KNEW you had been.

I discovered that I seem to be good at remembering up to about 20, so I count in groups of 20. After each group of 20, I say out loud the number of the next group. 2nd group would be “2-2345…”; 3rd group would be “3-2345″. And so on. After each set of say 4 or 5 groups, I stagger over to my paper and jot down the number of 20s I did. Each tick means 20 reps.

My “Count” sheet with my anti-gravity pencil and interval timer.

So here’s my current system. You can see there are a few different days on there, but it helps me keep it straight, lest I inadvertently do more kettlebells than necessary.

I’m sure there are higher-tech ways of doing this, but, as much as I like tech stuff, I am old enough to still see the value of analog techniques.

This one’s hard to beat.

I heard that St. Valentine used heart emojis.

Keep up the good work.  We’re half-way through February (actually, a little past that, so we’re on the down-hill side now).

2 thought on “DAY FIFTEEN: Keeping Track…”
  1. I don't actually count the cumulative totals, I only count the repetitions in each set. I know going into the workout how many sets I am going to do and because they are assymetrical, I actually don't need to keep track of them either, I just have to recall the swings I last did.
    That allows me to 'go into the black' and just swing mindless ly – it is almost like meditation/yoga. Love it!

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