[Editor’s note: This is possibly what happened]

A little known factoid about Saint Valentine is that he was probably an avid kettlebeller. I’m sure that’s the story I heard. He was famous for it for miles around the central Italian town of Terni, where he was born and, presumably, where he stored his exercise equipment. Seriously – please tell me you didn’t think he made greeting cards or – worse – ran a dating agency)! Anyway, what else would a young guy do to stay out of trouble in the third century?


I’m sure that was it. The middle-age Roman Kettlebell challenge was truly simpler, as you only had to swing X [X with a bar on top] ahnum-cacabulus* during mensis Februarius.  Incidentally, Februarius had only recently been invented. 

So that was pretty much how a young fellow might keep himself out of trouble back in the day… swing ahnum-cacabulus. *Technically, that would only be one kettlebell; I’m sure he would have had to swing ahnum-cacabuli, and X [X bar] of them!

As for myself, I am feeling body-tired after my latest round of ahnum-cacabuli, as it were. But it’s for a good cause, and I’m able to do it.

I trust that everyone will be taking it easy tomorrow and enjoying Valentine’s Day. Who knew it had its roots in an ancient fitness challenge?

Coming soon… how to keep track of lots of reps of something.

2 thought on “Day 14: Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  1. That's a piece of trivia I did not know. I'm a little behind my target of my bike ride, but have plans for some make-up rides. Enjoying the challenge!

  2. So on the 11th after several days of 'rest' and a lot of work coming up I had to make a decision – either grind on and likely fall behind schedule – either necessitatige a mad dash at the end, or working hard and not getting to the 10k,
    or to change something.
    so I changed something.
    I got up 2 hours earlier for 2 days straight, made a goal for the numbers but also to set a PB on an aspect of my swinging (at x weight, most swings to failure, or using a specific technique (a high pull finish to overhead) using a certain weight to get my swings).
    Well I am tired, but I am back on track and yes – I had a great sleep last night!

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