Good day! It’s Friday, and we’ve been at the challenge now for just over a week. Long enough for enthusiasm to start fading. NORMAL. Long enough for body fatigue to set in if you’re doing a physical workout. NORMAL. Long enough for the “inconvenience” of your new routine to make its presence felt. NORMAL.

You may be sailing along with whatever your fitness challenge was – and that’s great! Alternately, the fun might have worn off by now, and you’re not feeling the love any more. Either way, these are NORMAL responses to a new or ramped up fitness activity.

To report in personally, I am tired. I will say pleasantly fatigued, but definitely fatigued. I’m trying to keep up the water and food intake, but my body is now telling me when it is sleep time. It just starts going to sleep. Did I mention the sore hamstrings? No need, I suppose. I did discover that a five-minute bike warmup prior to the workout seems to take the edge of the sore muscles.

I will say that 10,000 kettlebell swings in a month is serious challenge.  However, when I think about why we’re doing it, I am motivated to push through. One of our founding rationales was to do something that we are able to do in support of Parkinson’s research.

So, as of DAY NINE, I’m still kicking. And still swinging kettlebells.

Oh, yeah. It’s the Olympics. Good luck to all the athletes!