I’m not even home right now, but through the marvels of technology, the blog posts without me. So, what to do when you’re out of town for a bit during a fitness challenge?

Well, I think I’m going to have a good time and enjoy the weekend. If I get home in time, I’ll swing a few ‘bells, but if not – oh well. I’m not training for the Olympics. Which are on, by the way!

Today my message is that we’ve made it a third of the way through February, so let’s celebrate that! This challenge is a month long, meaning that whatever initial momentum we may have had at the start has probably dissipated by now. Unless we figure out how to talk ourselves through the rest of the month, we could drop out.

Here are my words of wisdom for you. They come from my experience running up the large hill (no relation) a few kilometers from my house: Adjust your hat so you can only see a short distance in front of you, and run that far. When you get there, do it again. You never really see the top of the hill until you’re actually up and over it. The idea here is not to worry about three weeks from now and how you are going to accomplish everything. Just look one or two days ahead and concentrate on that. Get plenty of rest, and make sure you drink an appropriate amount of water to stay hydrated. Just finish out those few days. Then do it again. Soon enough, you’ll be up and over the month of February. And be sure to find some friends and celebrate your accomplishment!