First things first!  If you are entering a guess for our contest, click here.
Hello, everyone. We’ve been having fun being active this month as a family (plus a few friends!).  The project team has been busy setting up the challenge, collecting the data, tweaking the options, and now that we’ve been running for a good few weeks, we have some data!  The team started with three options – walking, running and biking – but the list of activities has expanded to reflect the different ways we are keeping active. So thanks for your great comments.

The common denominator for all of these activities is that they are people-powered. The activities all require human effort to haul our “keisters” (sorry, Grandma).

Anyway, now that we have some data, we will keep you posted.  As of 9:15pm on Wednesday, June 17, we had accumulated 480.5km all together.  Tana’s slightly misplaced guess of 601 was off by 120.5.  Next-closest was Rebecca D (joining the family for the challenge!) who guessed 678.

We’ll do another guessing contest to see how much has been entered as of Midnight, June 30.  You can click here to submit your guess directly. The person closest to the actual number of kilometers accumulated* at midnight, June 30 will win the prize – their choice of a $10 gift card to a favourite treat place (Tim’s, DQ, Chocolats Favoris…). In the event of a tie (the two closest guessers are equally close), the winner will be decided by rock, paper, scissors over Zoom at the next results meeting.
So there you have it. Lots of fun, and lots of kilometers over which our keisters (sorry, Grandma) have been hauled.

*By “accumulated”, we mean submitted and accumulated by that time. So the contest total kilometers for that time have already been calculated. Activities submitted after-the-fact which occurred before that deadline time will still go into the totals, but will not affect the contest total, which has already been calculated. Did we mention that it’s already calculated?