Not much needs to be said, eh?

Originally, we reasoned that there is not much to do in February, so it was a lesser-of-all-evils sort of default month for a wellness challenge.  But – and I don’t know where you are located right now – the thought of me sticking my nose outside today makes even kettlebells look appealing!

To try to up-spin this a bit, consider the long-term impact of accepting and facing adverse conditions. Not the short-term impact, which is often discouragement, discomfort and, alliteratively, demoralization. You have to look farther ahead if you want to conquer adversity. To overstretch an analogy, think about even the fact that our eyes are set into our head in such a way that our natural gaze is FORWARD, focusing well ahead of us. It is a bit unnatural to crank your head down and look in the direction of your toes. This forward-focused perspective allows us to not only see what is coming toward us, but also to see over top of immediate obstacles.

It’s February. It’s cold. I don’t always feel like doing things that I know are good for me. The important question, though, is “What perspective do I choose?”

 My answer is to choose a forward-focused perspective and keep moving toward your wellness goals!