As we approach the mid-way point of the fitness challenge, I am tired – not so much mentally tired as physically tired. My body has stopped negotiating bedtime. It just falls asleep. I have learned that sleep provides a “reset” for the physical brain and body, and also for the more elusive mind. I committed to posting as regularly as I can to the blog during February, but I have to admit that with all the other things I’m up to (including trying to fit 10,000 kettlebell swings in), my days are pretty busy.

So before I start my nightly reset, I should mention the question that floated across my radar a few times at the pool tonight: “Are we there yet”?

And the happy answer is, “No, not yet.” Or the parent version, “Yes – almost. We’ll be there soon.”

In the middle of any significant journey, you begin to lose sight of both the start and the finish. They both seem like a long way off. All you have for reference is what you are actually doing. So you may be doing your regular work day, then fitting in workouts on several weekdays. It is busy, and your body gets tired.

My best suggestion is to pay attention to your body. Get a good rest as often as you can. Drink an appropriate amount of water throughout the day. Make sure you’re getting proper nutrition (you may need more if you’re doing more large-limb exercise).

Are we there yet? Yes – almost. We’ll be there soon.