Well, I’m four days and (two movies) into February and our wellness challenge. I am a bit surprised to observe that this year’s transition into the challenge was not too bad. I know what to expect, for sure, and I think my oldish frame just went into autopilot without the usual mind games and stalling tactics. More kettlebells per movie minute than last year. And, as a data analyst, I can say that.

I hope you’re managing to keep your motivation up. It’s been a difficult year, with many things seeming to be out of our immediate control. Your wellness is one thing that you do have at least some control over. In fact, I would argue that we have management of our wellness. That means both the ability to influence our own wellness and a responsibility to do just that.

Our wellness is not an accident, and there certainly are factors outside of ourselves that impact our wellness. But not everything is out of our control. That is the conundrum – the fluid relationship between our external circumstances and our internal motivation.

Take control over what you can control. Make plans to improve wellness. Strike out in that direction. Adjust course when circumstances dictate.

But, above all, remember that you are not a passive, helpless bystander to your own wellness. You may have let yourself slip back to what feels like that… but if you point yourself in a positive direction and start moving, you can regain at least some of the lost ground.