The blog returns!

It has been a slog, getting through 2021. Lockdowns, opening ups, more lockdowns, changing restrictions. And then there’s the weather.

I feel like I’m staring down the horns of a dilemna; go downstairs to start up DAY ONE’s kettlebells, or go outside and shovel tons of snow (again). The snowing and blowing almost makes the kettlebells sound like fun.

Almost. And revisiting my favorite Kettlebell challenge videos might just sweeten the pot enough to get me rolling.

If your world is anything like mine right now, you are being pressured by the weather, the news, the economy, or any number of other stressors. Keep your chin up though and let’s blast through February together. I’m confident that we will pick up momentum as we go.

DAY 1 – here we come!

p.s. Working in a totally new platform here – hopefully it will be looking nicer and nicer as we go…

By Richard