Or so they say! What is food without spice? And what is life without spice? Bla, bla, bland.

My family have some great friends who introduced us a few years ago to South Indian cuisine. The first moment of that introduction began when we stepped in the door and were immediately greeted by the mind-blowing aroma of food which had been so lovingly cooked throughout the day. Talk about grabbing your attention! And when we sat down to eat, the complexity of those spices in action took us to a whole new level of taste.

How does that connect to our Wellness Challenge? Well, it is already February 5, Day 5 of our challenge. If you’ve been trying to start up a new wellness activity, you might actually be getting bored as you struggle to assert this new activity over your previous routine.

Today’s message is “Jump in and add some spice to your life”. It can simply take the form of variety. Wellness is not uni-dimensional; so experiment with a variety of activities that touch on different aspects of wellness. That variety has the same impact on your daily routine as adding spices improves the flavor of food. Even if you are doing one primary activity, mix it up once in awhile to keep your interest up.

My main challenge plan for today is another set of kettlebells. But, I am going to spice up my day a bit first by doing a few other wellness activities. I’ve already been puttering around with my website for a few hours, which is always a mix of challenge, frustration and victory (well, sometimes victory eludes). Shortly, I’m off to the garage to work on an old snowmobile that I’m bringing back from the dead. And then I’m heading out do try my luck at ice fishing.

Altogether, these different activities touch on different aspects of well-being, and help me to recharge after a week of work. I’m sure you’ll find the same thing.

So, avoid boredom by spicing up your routine with a little variety.

By Richard