We have named an honorary fitness mentor.  She is our Mom, Marilyn, and we chose her because she has always lived a life of encouraging, supporting, leading, directing, helping and motivating others. She continues to do these things as best she can in spite of the progressing effects of Parkinson’s disease.

When we told her about our idea for this fitness challenge, she put together an ambitious plan for herself.  She had her grandson measure the total length of the hallway in her apartment building. They calculated that one “lap” (down to one end of the hall, all the way back to the far end, and back to the starting point) was about 130 meters.  Therefore, 8 “laps” would roughly equate to 1 km.  She has been working on doing 2-3 laps per day, which translates to 1 km about every 3-4 days.

Her goal for the fitness challenge:  to walk to the next town (it is 13 km).   I ought not to say her age, but I think her goal (heck – even her willingness to participate!!) is pretty impressive for someone who has been grappling with Parkinson’s Disease for nearly 10 years!

So, if a mentor is someone who teaches by example, encourages, motivates, and lays down a standard for you to emulate, she fits the criteria as our Honorary Fitness Mentor.  Thanks for the great example!
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