Knowing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself can encourage you to stick with a challenge when you might otherwise lose your flame of enthusiasm (the way a tea light burns lower and lower, flickers a few times, and then goes out).  We hope that being part of this fitness challenge will encourage you to persevere long enough to break through any discouragement or lack of motivation you have.

Here is one way we would like to do that.  We would like to make a list of people who are participating in this challenge, along with what they are doing.  It would probably look something like this:

Mom – Moosomin:  Walk 13 km
Dave – Toronto:  10,000 kettlebells
Richard – Balmertown:  10,000 kettlebells
Leah – Red Lake:  20,000 Steps/week, Fitness boot camp
Friend – Saskatoon:  500 situps
Sister-in-law – Kelowna:  Walk 28 miles

. . .and so on!

It’s not about outdoing anyone (except your brother, or maybe a REALLY good friend).  It’s just about seeing that others are challenging themselves like you.  I think it’s like having a whole bunch of workout partners.

So, if you are planning to participate in the challenge, please email me and let me know what you’re going to do.  I just need your first name (or some kind of “handle”) and what it is you are planning to do for the challenge.  I’ll put these on the list as I get them.

Help us paint a picture of the “something bigger” we are trying to do with this fitness challenge.

5 thought on “Tell us your plans!”
  1. Hello all!
    I missed my training today but had a pretty good week so far – boxing circuit monday, intervals tues and a spin class on weds.

  2. From Mckenna and Casey Hill: We are working hard doing kettlebells with Dad, running at gym, and going up the 19 flights of stairs every day with mom in our Toronto apartment building! Almost done now!!!! We want to raise lots of money for Grandma!

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